Staying In...

This looks like an inviting weekend activity to me - yes I know I'm boring but after spending time away from my family this week, boring is great! Have a fabulous weekend - whatever you are doing! Tracey xx

Keeping It Simple!

Just thought I would share some images of what is inspiring me lately! All of the following rooms are from an appartment in NYC and are the work of the talented Piet Boon.
I just adore this simple understated style - you can see the quality in all the fixtures and furnishings. The black doors are a favourite with me.


I can't go past white slipcover lounges - maybe because they are so impractical for a mother of 3 boys!

What a fabulous idea to have these drawers under the window with the seating cushions in such a gorgeous blue.

White bed linen always looks so fresh and inviting!

So perfectly uncluttered and such a gorgeous blue for bathroom accessories. Hope these images inspire you all as much as they do me. Enjoy the rest of your week. Tracey xx

Our 100th Post!!!

Wow, we made it to our 100th post! We would like to recognise all of you - our blogging friends and thank you for all of your support and encouragement along the way. We would never have imagined such a gorgeous, friendly community awaited us when we started so thankyou to everyone who stops by our blog and especially all who leave such lovely comments! Have a great weekend! BTW the above picture is in one of our recently styled properties and I just wanted to show the botanical prints that I framed for this project (not a great photo but I love the prints).

Decision Time!

via Traditional Home

via Domino Magazine

via Desire to Inspire

via Johnathon Addler

I never questioned that when I finally got my built in book cases that they would be white. There are so many gorgeous examples in the white (which I have posted on of course) but after seeing all these gorgeous black ones I'm really questioning my decision. I particularly like the examples of picture 1 and 2 with the wall sconce lights on the front - adorable. I will probably still go white but until the paint is bought I can always change my mind - its my perogative after all. Tracey xx

Viceroy Hotel

My husband & I have been planning a family trip to the US of A for some time and I have been looking for accomodation when I came across the very lovely Viceroy in Santa Monica, designed by the very talented Kelly Wearstler
I absolutely love Hollywood Regency style. The Ivy in Sydney is very similar to the Viceroy with it's colour and style.
I think I will just have to go there for dinner! Just thought some of you may have been there and could share some stories of your experience.

Love the green!

Happy Valentines

I came across this image on Flickr and thought it was very sweet.
Have a great romantic weekend!

His and Hers Gararges!

I just love the idea of his and hers garages! How cute does this look - I know I'm slightly obsessed with balance and this really takes it to a new level (another find in Toorak from

How nice.....

I have always wanted to visit Greece. The colour of the water, the history and most definately the Cuisine. My daughter and I absolutely love Olives and mediterranean style food. 
I found this little boutique hotel in the city of Rethymon. It is only 100m from the beach. I can only imagine how lovely the surrounds are! 

Would love to hear of any one's travels to this beautiful city!

Share the love......

Share the LUV

Thanks to the most lovely Trina from La La Lovely - for her gorgeous happy attitude. Her  blog is a great daily read in addition to the blogs below. We love you Trina!!
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We would like to nominate so many more but today we would like to acknowledge,
There are so many more as I said, but I'm sure you will agree these gals are so sweet and we really enjoy reading their blogs!
I would like to dedicate this post to all the fellow Australians who have suffered great loss in the last 48 hours. My heart goes out to you who have lost loved ones, homes, and all you own. I can empathise with those who have lost homes as I too suffered this loss 11 years ago when our house burnt to the ground with everthing in it. Seeing images on the television bring back all the emotion.
Family friends had a home in the middle of all the devastation. It was a stone built house. They were unable to leave the house as it was too late with flames surrounding them. All they could do was put sheets of tin on the windows, wet all their towels and sheets, cover themselves up downstairs and pray to God they would survive. Miracle of miracles, they did. Everything was destroyed around them. I know not everyone has been so lucky, but there have been many other amazing stories of survival.
This has been the greatest natural disaster Australia has ever had to face, but what is so wonderful is all the people fighting to help everyone and risk their own lives to save others. I can't imagine how hard it would be for all the firefighters battleing all the flames and sweltering heat. There are so many hero's!
We will do what we can to help. Red Cross have set up a fund so we can donate money to help those who have lost everything! 
Hayley x

We Love Rubie Green!

Queen Michelle, sitting on her throne at the Ivy!  
We have just arrived back from Sydney where we met the lovely Michelle Adams from Rubie Green.
Hayley and Michelle at the Mad Cow restaurant where we had a fantastic dinner!

image via Flickr
This is the booth we sat in (hope you are all jealous because it was awesome).

An image taken looking down from the spiral staircase at night.

We started with drinks by the pool!
It was great going to Michelle's Eco Chic seminar at Design & Decoration and spending time with her and Amanda from Oliveaux at the Ivy - the ultimate girls night out!  We would recommend the Ivy and its amazing interior design which is the work of Hecker Phelon.

Come and see........

As promised, pictures of our clients very beautiful home. We have just fininshed styling this home to go on the market.
She had some stunning pieces for us to work with including many special pieces selected by Anna at Black and Spiro specifically for this gorgeous home so we could see her touch when we walked in the door. These pieces include cushions on lounge below, cushions, bedhead and side tables in main bedroom, Chippendale chairs in the dining room and the bed in the little girls bedroom. Let us know if there are any other pieces from you Anna - great selection for this beautiful home. We then complimented these pieces with lamps, cushions, bed linens, furniture and accessories from the Porchlight Interiors range to create a finished look ready for the market.

We believe in making the most of every room by adding pretty things to the bedside tables so no detail is overlooked.

We bring in many large items including this gorgeous bookcase, side table, and linen lounge.

It is very important to us that we complete the look of the room with beautiful books, coral, candles, lamps, flowers, cushions, artwork, etc...

The above room is still awaiting a beautiful painting above the lounge.

A Hampton's style outdoor cane setting completes the look.

I love the clients white Chippendale chairs. They sit along side some bi-fold windows opening out to a bamboo wall feature. Simply stunning!

I do applogise for my amateur photography skills. The house looks so much better in life.

This is such a great room! The pink Lee Joffa houndstooth cushions add a beautiful touch of colour to a white backdrop.

A touch of Rubie Green!

The room is a little unfinished without blinds on the window. Still looks great. We used our beautiful yellow bamboo drawers in this room too.

A little more Rubie Green.

Trace and I are off to Sydney for the week to meet up with Michelle Adams. We are very excited to listen to her seminar and finally meet her in person.

We will be back at the end of the week,

Hayley x