Green and Gold...

I really love this room by Tobi Fairley using green and gold as accent colours with a neutral white background!  It's amazing what some well chosen colour can do.  Of course, I can never go past a starburst mirror either.  Happy weekend!

Statement Piece!

How gorgeous are these chairs in the entry of one of Jan Showers projects?  It's always lovely to seen something a little unexpected!  Tracey xx


How gorgeous is this restaurant in Soho House NY.  The trees really make it something amazing!  Of course, the lighting is pretty perfect as well!  Having another hectic week here but managed to squeeze in a long coffee break this morning so all is right with the world!

Rob Lowe Has Style!

I thought we could bring in the weekend admiring this stunning home built for Rob Lowe and his family in California?

Perfect spot for spending a lazy weekend! 

Gorgeous living room...

 Love the window seat in the bedroom...

What a view!  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Tracey xx

All images via here

A little bit inspired...

Just loving the simple styling and gorgeous content of these photos by James Merrell.

You just can't beat the impact of simpicity!

Doesn't this look like a great place to hang out!  Tracey xx

Christmas shopping in KL!

Pavillion Department Store

I'm very excited to be going on my first trip to Kuala Lumpur next month.  My hubby is going for work and I get to tag along for the ride.  I've been doing a little research to check out some great shopping but I'm happy if anyone out there has some suggestions!  How gorgeous does this department store look?  Tracey xx

Keeping it simple...

I am just in the process of helping a client redo her office/workroom.  You just can't go past a gorgeous big bookcase to keep things organised!

image via House Beautiful

Happy new week all!  Tracey xx