Successful Auction!

Congratulations to our St Lucia client on the successful sale of her gorgeous home! It was such a pleasure styling this home for the market! The RE Agent Mikky Finlay did a fabulous job with the marketing - the photos looked stunning! You know what this means for us though...moving day! We get the pleasure of packing up our furniture and accessories ready for the next Porchlight makeover. Hope everyone is having a great week! Tracey & Hayley xx

More Balance...

I'm feeling like I need a bit more balance in my life so Tom Scheerer was a natural choice for a weekend post - his work is the epitome of balance. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Tracey xx

Top Design Top Designer

Top Design winner Nathan Thomas
I always love watching the designers compete for the number one. Nathan Thomas did a very impressive job on his final design that saw him come into first place. I actually thought the paper chandelier was a great idea.

Love these bone inlaid chairs and the colour selection of the study
More paper plates set a new mood against the dramatic black wall. Looks like moonlight.
Brooklyn Salon
I really love the big open space and the design on the wall.

smell the roses

Take time to smell the roses this weekend. Go on, just relax!

Be Still My Heart...

I'm sure my heart stopped beating when I first saw this kitchen over at Desire to Inspire! This would just be my ultimate kitchen - black painted cabinates teamed with the most stunning marble counter. The designer is Joseph Dirand and his website is well worth a look! Tracey xx

Fabulous Brisbane Artist!

I have just discovered a Brisbane artist that I had to share as I just love her work. Her name is Jennifer Long and her website is well worth a look. I just adore all the colour she puts together and love European scenery! Gorgeous! Tracey xx

Weekend Dining!

dining room via Traditional Home Magazine

I'm looking forward to a weekend with lots of great food! I have spent the morning cooking which I really enjoyed and now the fun part will be spent enjoying the dining experience with friends and family! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Tracey xx

Little girl's rooms

My daughter who is only seven, has been begging me to change her room, so I have been collecting lots of ideas from all different sources. I am leaning towards the whole Eco-Chic idea as she really loves animals and nature. 
These are a few ideas I have put together.

Some of these images come from

Colours of Santorini

After a very chaotic 3 weeks of too many things to mention, I wish I was spending the weekend relaxing here in Santorini. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Colour Perfection!

I found this image on "Our Creative Life" blog and just thought it was colour perfection. The touch of pink in the roses just make it fabulous. I love the light also. Tracey xx

Cool Down in Chile

My husband sent me an email last week about the worlds largest swimming pool in Chile. This is part of the San Alfonso Del Mar hotel which is absolutely massive. The pool is approximately 1 km long which means they can sail in it as well as the usual poolside activities. This sounds good after hearing of all the shark attacks in Australia this last summer.

Six Things...

The lovely girls from Design Ties recently asked me to share 6 interesting things about myself which for some reason terrifies me buy here goes:

1. I have been an Intensive Care nurse for the past 12 years and still manage to squeeze in two 8 hour shifts a week. While interior styling is my passion, there is a part of me that finds it very difficult to walk away from ICU nursing - it gets into your blood and I work with such a great team of people. I am currently enjoying some long service leave as Porchlight Interiors has had a wonderfully busy start to the year.

2. I have been married for 13 years to my gorgeous husband and have three amazing sons (the youngest one is 6 today). I'm looking forward to meeting our fourth son in heaven.

3. I come from a really close knit family with one sister (obviously Hayley) and two brothers and we all get on really well and get together regularly with our gorgeous parents. Hayley and I got along very well growing up and even better now which is why working together in our styling business is such a pleasure. We are really close to our mum and even dragged her along on our latest buying trip which was great fun.

4. I have a coffee addiction but try and limit it to one a day. I know just about every fabulous coffee shop in Brisbane but have my regular local spots.

5. My husband and I are currently (slowly) renovating our second home which is an ugly 1980's two story brick and tile in the suburbs. I'm sure my stylish friends were surprised at this choice but I could see it's potential and there is nothing more satisfying than taking something ordinary and making it special (its a challenge to say the least). One day I may be brave enough to show some before and after pics.

This is the kitchen from our first renovated home which we sold a couple of years back.

6. I love blogging! I know everyone says this but for me, this has been an amazing way to meet incredibly talented and creative people who inspire me daily. I feel blessed to be living out my passion with my business, my family and this blog.

I told you I was boring! Tracey xx