My Backyard!

We have had such a crazy week trying to finish things off before the Easter break! I'm sharing a snippet of my new paving that was completed last week in my backyard. As you can see, I still have a lot of work to do...maybe adding some big pots with flowers to bring some colour into the garden. I also need some new outdoor furniture but good things come to those who wait! I'm so pleased with the job our pavers did laying the random sandstone. It has made such a huge difference to the yard as our old paving was a dark reddish brown clay paver so it's now so much lighter now. Well enough about me, hope everyone has a wonderful Easter break...Hayley is off overseas again, sourcing some wonderful things for Porchlight clients and I will be holding down the forte here! Happy Easter, Tracey xx

Gorgeous Friday!

All of these outdoor areas make me feel relaxed and ready for the weekend! It helps that our backyard landscaping was finished this afternoon after months of planning and waiting! I finally have grass instead of dirt! I will post pictures once I have my outdoor furniture and I have prettied it up a bit! Hope you all have a gorgeous weekend! Tracey xx
images via espacio Living

Beautiful Spaces!

Loving all of these spaces, created by designer James Michael Howard!

This balustrading is perfection and love the mismatched chairs!

What a gorgeous way to add something special to a blank wall or small space!

Looks like the perfect spot to put on your shoes before walking out the door! Gorgeous!

The French Window

How gorgeous is this restaurant in Hong Kong called "The French Window" by architects AB Concept? So classic, yet so modern at the same time.

I think beautiful surroundings always make the food taste better!

Look at the fabulous Hong Kong skyline!
For more information on this gorgeous restaurant and the architects behind it go here.

The Sign of Civilisation!

A hot shower! This is what I missed most while camping this weeked! So good to be home but still enjoyed spending time with my family in the great outdoors (despite the cyclonic wind and rain)! Tracey xx
Image from here

Great Outdoors!

This is about as outdoors as I would like to be this weekend but instead, I will be camping in the rain...wish me luck! Happy weekend all!
Image via House Beautiful

What's not to love!

Discovered two great new blogs tonight (well new to me anyway)! The first one is Secrets of Domestic Bliss which is very stylish and fun and which led me to the second discovery - Table Tonic which is linked to an online shop, selling the gorgeous cushions that are pictured! The most exciting part of this discovery is that she is Sydney based! Don't you just love the green zig-zag cushions!

Tea on the verandah

A beautiful Clayfield now on the market in North Brisbane.
I love the bamboo chairs and the wide expanse verandahs wrapping around the freshly painted white timber home. Certainly looks inviting to me!

Peter Dunham Inspiration...

Looking to Peter Dunham for inspiration for a new project that we started this week! He is based in LA and this particular home is in Beverley Hills.

Love the green velvet sofa and the incredible art on the walls...

Always love extra seating to make a room more interesting...perfect place for reading a book!

So many things to attract your attention, yet it doesn't look cluttered...

Very elegant!

Another separate seating the grey velvet chairs! Hope you all have a happy weekend! Tracey xx

If only...

...I lived in Melbourne and could afford this stunning Toorak home! I seriously wouldn't change a thing! It doesn't get any better than this for me.

Gorgeous rectangular pool...

The stunning black front door (love the centre handle and the security door is to die for)...

The perfect office space...

Symmetry to perfection...

Fabulous entrance hall and staircase...

Marble and mirrors...

large bath with window behind...

So relaxing!

I'll just keep dreaming for now! If anyone is lucky enough to be in a position to buy this property or would like to see more photos here is the link!

I have just been informed that this home was also posted by Annie from A View on Design (sorry Annie) - see her post here!