Office Tranquility!

I have been avoiding my office of late as it had become so disorganised that it was depressing to go in to!  My boys keep asking me "why are you working from the dining room or the lounge room?"  Finally I cracked this morning and have spent some time organising and discarding things and it's starting to look like a place I may want to spend some quality time in soon!

image via here

These gorgeous images certainly encouraged me to keep going...

image from BHG

from BHG
It is so important to have a workspace that inspires you - hopefully with a bit more work over the weekend, my office will be a place that is a pleasure to work in again!  Happy weekend all!  Tracey xx

Just add colour!

I'm completely in love with house from the latest issue of World of Interiors! The bold colours, the amazing fabric combinations, love it all!

Green kitchen tiles - could they be any more gorgeous?

Stunning fabrics...

Of course we needed to see them close up!  Love the sqare tiles set in a subway pattern!  Tracey xx

Happy Weekend!

Loving this gorgeous fireplace - looks like the perfect place to relax over the weekend.  Hope you all had a great week - ours has been hectic.  I hope to have some time to catch up on some blogs over the weekend and see what you have all been up to.  T xx

Image from the latest issue of Veranda Magazine

Green Piece!

How perfect is this green sideboard - I wouldn't be able to resist such a piece! 

Appologies for our lack of posts and comments - we have thrown ourselves into multiple fabulous and fun projects which are keeping us otherwise occupied. Beside which Blogger keeps sending comments as annonymous - very annoying!!! Hope everyone is having a great week!  Tracey & Hayley xx

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Textile Love!

I was very excited when looking through my latest issue of British Homes & Gardens magazine, I found a fabulous article on Raoul Textiles!

I know we have posted about them before but it was so lovely to read about how it started and the direction that they are taking the company in the future.  You can see the passion behind these gorgeous fabrics - the designer is an amazing artist...

This is the owner and fabric designer Sally McQuillan and her daughter Madeleine who has now joined the family business...

We never get tired of looking through our gorgeous sample boxes for inspiration and thankfully our clients are loving this stunning range as well!  T xx