I have loved these green leaf plates forever! They never date, I know this personally because I have loved them since childhood! However, I am yet to collect some of my own.

After seeing this gorgeous spread by Carolyn Roehm in Veranda Magazine I think it's time to start my collection! Tracey xx

High Ceiling Inspiration!

I'm currently working on a home with a very high ceiling which is gorgeous but can feel a little cold if not furnished well. Looking through my files, this room by Tom Scheerer stood out to inspire me. There is nothing cold and sterile about this gorgeous room!
Thanks for all the lovely comments from the previous post...much appreciated! Tracey xx

My Dining Room Wallpaper!

Just thought I would show a few snapshots of my new dining room wall!
I'm so excited to finally have wallpaper done in my own house! Any designers out there will know what a huge decision it is when it's going in your own house...I thought I would never make a decision.

A close-up! I went for quite a simple print in the end, in black and cream which matches the kitchen! I happen to be a big botanical print fan so thought I couldn't go too wrong with this.

I can't believe how much of a difference it has made to the feel of the room! I may have a new addiction! Tracey xx

magic of the maldives

I was so envious of some friends photos that they posted on Facebook of their holiday to the Maldives so I asked if they wouldn't mind me sharing their indulgent vacation with all of you, so sit back, relax and take your time to look through these amazing images and dream away....

This was their Bungalow. It can be yours too for a mere $13,000 AUS per night

great place to eat brunch i think

this would have to be the best scenery for any restaurant
I love this image above. It looks so peaceful

now wasn't that nice!

Moorish Tiles!

So excited to discover these gorgeous tiles available in Australia! I have a perfect project in mind for such gorgeousness! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
Images via here

Shell Chandeliers!

After reading through a feature article on designers Jeffry Weismand and Andrew Fisher on 1st Dibs, I was blown away by the stunning shell chandeliers that they incorporate into quite a few of their rooms.

I think they look absolutely perfect!
Images via Fisher Weisman

Designer Inspiration

Loving these rooms by designers Woodson and Rummerfield's!

How gorgeous is the pink wallpaper and the mirrored vanity!

Green velvet gets me every time...and that side table is fabulous!

Love the wallpaper and the glamourous mirror...

Very chic white room...I'm feeling inspired, so back to work I go! Hope you are all enjoying your week so far!
Images from here

House By The Bay!

We are currently doing some design work in a house by the bay. It is so great to be able to use some new colourful fabrics that we haven't used before. I'm feeling inspired by this room from Coastal Living fresh! We are enjoying the last day of a long weekend - about to take all the kids out to play cricket down by the water...we will be rugging up because it's getting quite cold!

The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

During our holiday to the USA, we did a road trip from San Diego out to Vegas. If you have never done it, I would highly recommend you do. We drove in to the city of light just on dusk and it was amazing. So glad we had a GPS though. It was hard to take our eyes off all the dazzling lights and famous buildings as we drove in. While we were there for only three days we stayed at the palatial Venetian hotel. It is incredibly large, no expense spared with antique Italian furniture, large column hallways going off in many directions, painted ceilings, and beautiful fountains around the hotel. It really was an amazing copy of the real thing including the front of the hotel surrounded by a large pool with gondolas taking guests for romantic rides.