Happy Christmas To All

We are signing off now for our Christmas break. But first, We would like to say some thankyou's and leave you with some images of my Christmas trees and a few decorations we love.

Tracey and I would like to thank everyone for all their kind words and for helping us get our blog off the ground. A special big thanks to Anna from Absolutely Beautiful Things and A-M for initially recognising us. You have been a true inspiation and we always love to see what's going on over on their blog along with many more of you both here in Australia and Overseas. This has been the best thing and we are excited about the jouney continuing next year. God Bless you all and have a wonderful holiday break.

Hayley and Tracey xx

My real tree with my favorite vintage shiny brites from American Ebay

My 7 1/2 foot Christmas tree, filled with vintage Shiny Brites

A white hydrangea wreath hangs on my front door

A very cute bird tag given on a gift from the most lovely Amanda from Oliveaux

My favorite mercury glass bauble!

Take care everyone, see you next year!!


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